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Default Re: Digidesign Expansion|HD Expansion Chassis work

I have 2 new HD PCI Expansion chassis, with PCI-e cards inserted in each of my 2 G5 Quads. Each chassis has an Accel 4 HD system in it. It all seems to work fine as far as I can tell.

Overall audio suite manipulation and previewing is slower than I am used to, as well as auditining sounds in the regin bin, but rendering files is very fast. I don't know if any of that is due to the exdpansion chassis or not.

I do have occational unexpected quits in Pro Tools, but I believe that started with OS 10 and Pro Tools 6. Pro Tools 5.1.3 and OS 9.2.2 would sometimes lockup and force me to reboot, but not unexpectidly quit. I guess it's always 2 steps forward, and one step back with computers and software!
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