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Default Re: Dealing with fx on various VI's and Mixing

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
This is a question I've had for a while and wanted to get some insights from some of you pros as to how you deal with it. As you all know, nearly every VI, especially the higher end ones, come with their onboard fx of all sorts. The issue I want to address is how do you deal with all those fx when you commit to audio for final mixing? I'm especially thinking more of reverbs and delays than other stuff. Most of the other fx are more for shaping the patch the way you want it to sound.

So, if I have a patch in, say, Dune 2, and I have some Dune 2 delay and/or reverb, I really don't like to commit to audio with that as I would have to keep re-doing it as I tweak the mix with that patch and its fx. On the other hand, its not always a simple matter of adding another reverb and/or delay either, because quite often the built in fx on the VI sound really great.

A couple VI's (ie, Serum) have provided their FX as an FX only option, so you can easily duplicate just the fx to any patch committed to audio. But not many VI's do that.

So, what the pro tips here?

It's become second nature that I'm usually turning off ALL or most effects inside a virtual instrument's interface.

It's not that I think they sound bad (some in Serum are incredible), but as I'm producing music, having too many of these effects going at once on different instruments introduces so much mud and clouds my head while working.

If I end up wanting them, I can go back and hit the button in the plugin to turn em back on.

Also, I can't commit to save my life.
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