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Default Re: Dealing with fx on various VI's and Mixing

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
I tend to like to leave all fx processing for the final mix, too. But the reality is that some patches on some VI's just sound so good with the VI's built in fx, especially delay and reverbs. But then I'm always freezing, unfreezing, tweaking, re-freezing. But I guess you're probably right...whatever works. As our friend Dave (Albee) always likes to say: "If it sounds good, it IS good!"
Well, being as old as I am, I have no aversion to committing stuff early on. But, since I also embrace the tech we have now, I am not stuck in any particular method or routine. The great thing about digital is; there's 4 ways to do everything. The bad thing about digital is; there's 4 ways to do everything As for "if it sounds good, it IS good", that's stolen from Joe Meek(must give credit where credit is due)

My own favorite meme is: "the better I drink, the more I mix"
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