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Default Re: Suddenly No Sound Output/Input

Thank you for your fast reply.

None of those things worked for me, but the good news is that in trying those, I figured out what was going on. All I needed to do was shut down Pro Tools, unplug the MBox from the computer itself, plug it back in and restart PT! I guess we sometimes overlook the tiniest of things when we're in a panic.

In case anyone in the future comes looking for a similar problem... earlier in the day, I now recall that I accidentally unplugged the MBox from the back of the unit while I was in the middle of a session. I got the message that the MBox was disconnected, so I plugged it in and it was fine. Later, I recall getting a message saying something about the timecode/clock being out of sync, and I didn't know what it was in regards to... but I restarted Pro Tools and it was fine. I recorded, edited, mixed, etc and saved my session before I left.

But now I see that it really needed to be reset after that error by unplugging the MBox from the computer altogether.
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