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Default option for select button stay select in shift mode

I enjoy a lot the new function of cycling eq and dynamics. But since the eq and dynamic function is on the same knob on the artist mix you need to use the shift mode for the dynamics. If you do that and select another track while accidentally still in shift, it opens the assign window in eucon. That happens to me quite often and breaks the workflow completely (yes you can unlatch the shift behaviour, that helps but comes with some disadvantages for other usage- and yes, if you like to do a new layout, itīs great to do that with that button).
It would be great to have an option in the eucon preferences to let the select button stick to the select command also in shift.
Or what also could be great, would be the dynamics and eq function available as a soft key. So you could put that on whatever two dedicated buttons on a artist transport for instance.
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