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Originally Posted by LightWing View Post
OK. Now just to be clear, this is what shows up when you load F2 2.0.3 Standalone and in Studio One and the "Avid Content" is in the Soundbank directory for use in PT. I had purchased F2 to use in PT as well as Studio One and as a Standalone app. If you PULL the "Avid Content" from the Soundbank location directory all of this goes away. So it seems it's down to either an issue with the Avid supplied content file OR F2 in those two other situations not liking the Avid Content and kicking out the errors. Could be wrong tho. :)
There's no issue or problem. The Avid supplied soundbank is only licensed for usage in the Avid supplied Falcon 1/2. It all comes down to what Avid and UVI came to as regards licensing.
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