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Default Re: What's up with Plugin Alliance?

Originally Posted by LDS View Post
Is there any reason not to take Dirk on his word? I've never met him, but he seems like a pretty stand up guy. Most of the stuff you are experience is probably just the result of everyone at Plugin Alliance focusing on getting the PickPack up on the site and out into the world.
If it truly is a matter of getting squeezed for time & effort with getting pickpack up and running that's one thing but at the beginning of the year Dirk mentioned about new stuff coming son they've had the time to get this sorted. To call it a bug that the individual downloads have disappeared (and have just come back the last 2 days) to me says they may not have all the expertise or manpower needed to keep things running smoothly.

To whit: when they had the I think it was the December 2017 flash sales PIA neglected to inform purchasers that the multiple buy discount was not in force for that sale. I only found out when I emailed their support people - not word one was ever said on the site. Several people here had posted words to the effect they weren't getting the usual discounts at that time.

They only had ONE flash sale this month and I'm sure I'm not the only one who still has their voucher and didn't use it because they thought cool discounts were coming (or that PIA would follow past history and bring back previous sales from that month).
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