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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

People in some of the recent posts are already getting the situation wrong because they haven’t read the announcement properly, and haven’t thoroughly read the discussions earlier in the thread. It is muddying the water somewhat.

The situation about prices staying at $99 per year applies to subscription licenses, i.e. those licenses that you rent, and which stop working altogether if you stop paying. If you currently subscribe, you subscription fee will not increase (for now). Only new subscribers will pay the higher fee. This is touted as a reward for your loyalty and for embracing the subscription model.

It does not apply to the annual support plan renewal for perpetual licenses, i.e. those licenses that you own forever, but for which you pay an annual fee to renew the support plan that gives you updates to the software for another year.

For support plan renewals, it clearly says that from July 1st 2019, the support plan renewal fee will increase from $99 to $199.

Please everybody, please stop spreading false information.

It is said that if you are already on the subscription model the price will not rise. But that only applies to the July 2019 increase. It does not say there will never be an increase, simply that there is no increase this time.

Actually Avid’s wording says this ...

Q) If my Subscription expires after July 1, 2019, can it be renewed beforehand at the older price?
Customers who purchased subscriptions prior to July 1, 2019 can continue to renew their subscriptions at the original (current) price.

If you want to read that as implicitly adding the word “forever” to the end of the answer, then I am afraid you are being naive. Note that the first part of the answer says customers who purchased subscriptions (plural) can continue to renew their subscriptions .... so it simply is talking about people who have multiple subscription licenses.

If you only have one subscription license, then you have to read the second half of the answer that way too, i.e. you can continue to renew the subscription at the original price. It does not commit to that price staying the same at subsequent renewals in the future.
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