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Default Re: pro tools first 002 interface

Originally Posted by busk View Post
Can I use a digi design 002 interface with pro tools first? cant' find a straight answer to this in the system requirements..
What OS? what OS version? What 002? Console? Rack?

First does not support control surfaces, so I doubt that part of a 002 Console will work.

As for an audio interface you can use it if it works. (brilliant answer!).

It will work as an audio interface if there is a device driver that supports the 002 on the operating system that you are running... and you'll need that operating systems to also support First. Driver info here: Operating Systems compatibility with Pro Tools and separately with Audio Drivers is likely the single thing that causes most hassles.

And any deeper questions and you already have a 002, just try it, First is free.

If you are looking at buying a used 002 -- don't. There are lots of more modern interfaces that sound better.

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