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Originally Posted by buddybean View Post
Hey thank you this makes much more sense!

thanks again
If you're on windows, you can install asio4all and just use your on board sound card. Or you can alternatively use the Windows audio device, but that option won't work with the video playback engine enabled. Wasapi (or windows audio device) is an option that was introduced with Pro tools 12.

Benoni has produced a video explaining how to use it.

Also regarding Asio4all. If you have an internet browser open that is playing a video of any kind, even an add on a webpage, opened before pro tools, then that browser will prevent pro tools audio from going through. The same thin happens in reverse, if you have pro tools opened and then you open a browser, you won't hear any sound out of the browser. Unless there's no audio/video on the webpage you are looking at.


just not Pro tools and compatible plugins...
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