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Default Re: Tempo changes and pitch shifting

I'm still having issues with tempo & pitch. Talking about Windows using it's own audio as default with a different sample rate than pro tools sessions sounded like the answer. Well, nope.. I went into Control Panel/Sound and disabled the on board sound. My MBox3 was the Default. I did notice that before I disabled the on board that both it, and the MBox were sharing the Default sound responsibility. Maybe that's the way it should be? I mean, I didn't consciously change anything to make this problem happen!
So anyway, I rebooted opened a session and the pitch is still a step higher than recorded, and it's moving at a faster tempo as well.. I noticed while I was in Control Panel/Sound, that I can double click the on board and change the sample rate to 44.1 kHZ from it's default of 48. something. I know the MBox3 is set to a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. Has anyone had success fixing this issue changing the computer's on board default sample rate?
I also notice that my Control Surface iCon Qcon Pro X, snaps to attention when a session opens up, but is inoperable otherwise. I have to use the computer to play the session. How does this stuff just 'happen'??
Just a thought here, using 3rd party audio loops couldn't somehow mess with the sample rate of a session.. I've go the conform to tempo turned on so I don't think so.
Now that I think about it, where do I check the sample rate of the Sessions on Pro Tools 2018.4?

Thanks for the help, RichrdC
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