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Default Re: Autotune slow down Sessions

Originally Posted by Downtown_BE View Post
yeah but I don`t want to commit - usually I turn on the knobs on my autotune while I`m working on a song.. you guys don`t ?
I don't - I use Melodyne and fine tune each track separately from the start to be done with it - I used to use AutoTune and basically did the same thing. The "Auto" setting on those plugins is good enough for a rough mix - but it's rare when it gets everything perfect, but it does work better with a good singer. I'd rather be in control knowing the pitch has been corrected, not relying on the plugin to get things "mostly" right. But then I guess it depends on what you're trying to do with it - I work with mostly rock/country/gospel that doesn't use a lot of the Autotune gimmicks you hear in pop and hip-hop nowadays, so once the track is tuned, I'm done with pitch correction processing.
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