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Default Midi I/O problems with installers

Please could I ask for someone's assistance. I am running Pro Tools 7.1 on Mac OS X 10.4.8. I am running Digidesign Midi I/O 10 port midi device.
I recently got a second device and found that I need to install the software so that both can run. I went to the AVID site and downloaded the drivers for OS9/10 for ProTools from the AVID site making sure to follow the instructions.

When I install it, it does not work from the location where it is installed there is a circle with a line through it and it won't launch. When i try to launch I get the message: "You cannot open the application "Midi IO Setup" because it is not supported on this architecture" or on the firmware updater, "You cannot open the application "Midi IO Firmware Updater" because it is not supported on this architecture".

Any and all assistance greatly appreciated as I have absolutely idea what the problem is.
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