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Default Re: Heat + Complete Plugin Bundle for all subscribers

Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
If you rent PT, you’ll receive it shortly.

If you have a perpetual license that you pay a yearly renewal on, you won’t get it.

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So let me see if I have this straight. I started with purchasing PT back with 7.0 several years back. I subsequently paid for all the upgrades through 12.0. Then I switched to the annual renewal plan for $99 per year (up again this Oct). I also have the annual subscription for Avid plugin Bundle for either $49 a year or $99 (can't remember which it is). So, all in all, I've probably got over $1,000 already invested in PT over the years. So now if I want to add Heat, because I have a perpetual license with the renewal plan, I have to pay an additional $199 to get Heat, while those who just jumped in with a subscription plan for $299, I would get heat AND the bundle at no additional cost?

Excuse my ignorance here, I only worked in business and finance for 20+years, but shouldn't those who have already invested the most get the best in Heat and the bundle at no additional cost, and the newer subscribers can get it for the $199? Asking for a friend!
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