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Default Re: FastTrack C600 interface with macOS High Sierra

Originally Posted by Squidjit100 View Post
Very excited to see Avid had posted a driver for the C600 and High Sierra. BUT it doesn't work for me. Is anyone else having the same problem ??
I have a C600 i can test with.. I bought it in m audio days.. wow....

I was always SO impressed with avid's c600 drivers. It's one of a not huge list of interfaces, that reports it's total i/o and buffer latency 100% accurately to the daw (i did this with loopback record tests, it was sample accurate). even some RME interfaces need an offset put in to make them bang on time, ALL motu interfaces report the incorrect buffer, every single one, and so on (not one motu interface correctly reports the A/D latency, nope, not a one).

I am migrating one of my computers to high sierra this weekend. i can't help you before then, but i'll absolutely test the C600 with avid's newest driver then, if you can hang on a bit. Hopefully someone else in the meantime has one and high sierra and can help.

Cheers, hope you get it working.
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