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Default Re: DAE error 7058 with Amp Farm on new HD 2 Accel

...when I try to add the Amp Farm plug-in to a track. It gives me "DAE error 7058". The answer base says this is an installation/authorization error and to re-install and/or re-authorize the plug-in. Unfortunately I can't figure out where to go in PT or anywhere else to specifically re-install or re-authorize the plug-in. I've tried using the PT 7.0 disk to "repair" the installation but it still give me this error message.
Not sure specifically on the error message. I will guess it is one of two things: First, do you have an iLok auth for Amp Farm? If not, has it reached the trial period expiration? Alternately, are you sure you have the correct version of Amp Farm for use with PT7 HD? The PT installer itself does not install Amp Farm; it may be part of a pak, but regardless: the most recent version can be downloaded by hitting the main Digi site (Products->HD->System Options->Plug-ins is one place)

Also, when first installing I accidentially initiated the Moofoger delay and modulation plug-ins and now windows pop up asking me to authorize these everytime I load PT 7.0. How do I get rid of these windows now that the demo periods have run out? I remember something about DLLs needing to be deleted somewhere.

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Try Add/Remove Programs. If not listed there, then simply goto c:\program files\common files\digidesign\dae\plug-ins and locate the MoogerFooger files, and delete. There should be two of each, extensions .dpm and .dpm.rsr
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