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Default Re: Pro Tools 2019 + Catalina

Originally Posted by framdaddy View Post
Just bought a new mac pro laptop 32 gig ram 8 core. Yikes, protools not going to be ok for a while. Can I find mojove and install it on a new macbook pro until the catalina os approves.
Thanks for any advise
If you haven't already, try doing a google search for Mojave download. It will show you a link to the apple site scroll down until you see the link "Get macOS Mojave from the App Store" which will redirect you to the app store where you should be able to download. When I got my iMac Pro it came loaded with Mojave before Pro Tools was compatible. Unfortunately, I was unable to install High Sierra. It told me my mac was already using the latest OS. You can at least try. Otherwise I would recommend using Logic Pro X in the meantime or another DAW that is compatible with Catalina, Ableton Live 10 seems to be the only other DAW other than Logic Pro X, based on Sweetwater's website.
Sucks, I know.
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