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Default Re: Webinar: Pro Tools: Get a Grip on the Pro Tools Video Engine

Originally Posted by embeddedsound View Post
would like to hear more on getting files from editors
The Webinar has shown what video codecs best suit Protools. So understanding this ask the Video editor upfront to supply the video encoded in the format you want.

As an Avid video editor it it easy for me to supply almost any codec that I am asked for. DNx and ProRes are the easiest and they are the best (according to the webinar) for Protools. Making a H264 is more time consuming and relatively a PIA. ProRes is easy form Final Cut. DNx and ProRes Both can be made in Premiere (very limited experience with Premiere)
An hour of DNxHD 36 takes up approximately 18GB's and an hour of standard def Avid DV takes up about 12GB's. I can encode either directly to and transfer via a USB stick. Obviously I can copy these to whatever media folder on my Protools system I want in a very few minutes.

FYI a single 3TB 7200 SATA drive used for the MC edit and containing all of MC's audio and video media (at DNxHD 185) for a 92 minute program (2.75 TB's) moved to my Protools computer gave my trouble free AVE playback. (only working with 20 audio tracks)

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