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Default Pro Tools Ultimate 2019 and Pro Tools 11 same computer

Hi there,

I have a small post production facility.

The main control room, where I mix 5.1 content is also used to record foley sessions.
Eventually, while foley is recorded, I need to keep working on a secondary computer to edit and prepare 5.1 projects to mixing session.

Pro Tools Ultimate (perpetual) and several mixing plugins lives in my main ilok.
I do have another ilok with Pro Tools 11 non HD (perpetual as well). This second one would be just perfert for recording foley.

But I couldn't manage to have both Pro Tools Ultimate and 11 installed at the same computer. The main control room one.

A friend of mine can arrange me a third ilok with Pro Tools 12 on it if that's part of a good solution.

I'm using Mac OS 10.14.5 (Mojave).

Would love to save some money not upgrading one more license (spending in dollar converting from Real from Brazil is quite painful to my pocket)
Do you guys have any suggestion?

Thank you very much!
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