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Default Re: Error: Missing Ilok, how to fix?

It seems your iLok might be broken (your licenses show up in your iLok account anyway, after all they're valid and iLok doesn't know what condition the iLok is in). In that case you will have to get a new one and recover the licenses from all the publishers that you have licenses from on that iLok (e.g. Waves if you have Waves plugins, ...)
In my experience with most publishers that's very easy, you just drop them an e-mail and they will generally quickly recover your licenses to your iLok account so you move them to a different iLok. Except for Avid, you will have to buy a specific support ticket (about 35 dollars if I remember correctly) and call them on the phone.

Another thing you can do if you're living in the States is getting a ZDT from iLok (it's on their site) and have them send a replacement iLok with the licenses on it. However shipping will take some time and shipping costs are quite ridiculous if you live abroad.
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