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Default Error: Missing Ilok, how to fix?

I recently moved into my first home, I don't currently have the internet, but I was able to get my Pro tools express up and running No problem, until yesterday!!!!

I let my step kids use pro tools when they get home from school and yesterday I had to go on to do some dithering of a project, when I quickly realize that I am completely locked out of Pro Tools Express.

I noticed my Ilok was loose from the USB housing, So I snapped that back into place and I got the solid blue light back on. Even though I fixed the Ilok it is telling me it can not find it and to register my product.

I just went on from my phone and all my licenses are there.

I am assuming I am going to have to take the entire computer over to a friends house that has internet?

Im not sure what caused this problem, so im not sure how to fix it. Can anyone help?
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