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Default Re: Pro Tools cannot find (all) my aax plugins.

Hi Darryl. Thanks again.
I certainly agree with you :" but my main concern here is you just should be keeping stuff as simple as possible."
I dont have Mac drive after the 5 days trial ended. My friend has said that I could use it for free in 5 days and get it fixed, but now I can read on : that I still have access to my mac hard drive, but for getting access to the files, I have to buy and activate the software ? My friend is gone underground, so my quistion to you is 1) Can I activate my files as my friend has said without buying Macdrive ? 2) If I have to buy Macdrive which Softraid should I buy ? The Price goes from 9.99 USD to 179.99 USD?
As I understand would you not recommend to get all my plugins data tranferred from Mac to PC. You would simply erase the disk and then begin to download and install my plugins again.

If this is right understood, I only have my recording harddisk to open.

Please tell me what a SiSoft Sandra report is ?
Can you please tell me how to attach a file to the message ?

Thank you Jesper
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