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Default Re: Digi 002 Rack in stand alone

Originally Posted by theproduca View Post
Looking forward to trying this tonight. What gets me is folk who try and spend your money stating you should buy or try something else or better. If the budget is what it is, and it works for you...then you buy THAT. I have excellent A-D ADAT interface pieces from RME, Steinberg/Yamaha and more. I also have a Digi002 and a Tascam FW1804 on the way. and I'm sure they will work fine. Digi002 standalone is worth a try either way...FW'ed or not. It was at the time it costs $1100!! LOL.
Worth a try? I guess. Actually worth it? When you can buy a Behringer ADA8200 for $200 and get better sound(in both directions), I doubt it
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