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Default iOS13 beta related issues? (iPad Pro 9.7 Gen1)

I have a casual first gen iPad Pro in my kitchen and since I don't use it for anything critical I threw the iOS13 beta on it.
However, I just wanted to give Pro Tools | Control a shot and ran into issues, that may or may not be OS related.

While hooking it up worked without any issues, it's basically unusable, as the whole interface is nearly non-responsive.
I can hit playback and stop and that translates pretty snappily to Pro Tools. But the GUI is almost completely frozen. TC display and meters have a refresh rate of like 1 frame per minute, if that.
Eucon connection is stable though, and controlling playback works just fine.

Anybody here using the iOS13 beta with similar (or different) experiences?

(Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the pitfalls using beta software. I'm not trying to use PT | Control as part of my setup, I just wanted to try it out with an iPad, that I actually got for the sole purpose of playing Youtube during meal prep.)

iMac Pro
- MacOS 10.14.6
- Pro Tools U HDN 2019.6
- Avid HD Omni + HD I/O 8x8x8
- C|24 | S3 | Dock
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