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Default Re: Could not complete request Assertion in "/Volumes/Development/vb_devbranch..

Did you end up getting this fixed?

Originally Posted by cast7783 View Post
I'm having the same problem. I tried the different suggestions and nothing seems to work

I turned off FileVault but I couldn't run the uninstall option, for some reason it didnt do anything. So i just deleted the digidesign folders and installed it again but anytime I try to install 8.0.3 it stays stuck on the last part of the installation. I force quit and then install 8.0.4 and i receive the:
Volumes/Development/vb_devbranch_bookdock/AlturaPorts/NewFileLibs/CoreFoundation/MacBuild/../../Sys/MacOS/Sys_FileUtilsMacOS.cpp", line 569 while creating "Library" while creating "Preferences" while creating "DAE Prefs". message

I tried a lot of other things and nothing seems to work.

jwilson: what exactly do u mean by .dpm plug in? did u move all the plug ins? (yes im a noob)

some one please help. A link to a video would be helpful and thanks a lot
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