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Default Avid CoreAudio Manager: Not Connected (HW not found)

Protools HD Native (PCI) + Avid hd I/O
Protools 11.1.2 + 10.3.8.
Mac Pro 5.1
OSX 10.8.5.

Since this morning Core audio manager has crashed when I first open any application that uses it. After that is opens without a crash but status is "Not Connected (HW not found). This has happened before, very rarely, but rebooting has always fixed it. Now it doesnīt!

I have tried these steps with no success:

- Rebooting mac (4-5 times)
- Trashing core audio prefs
- repairing permissions
- downloaded and installed 11.1.3.

Protools works just fine, so the hardware is not the problem. Itīs just Core audio manager that seems to be unable to find my hardware.

I work mainly with Logic Pro, so right now I am unable to work! Any help would be highly appreciated!

UPDATE: After rebooting I am able to manually open the coreaudio manager, and it says itīs connected. But even then if I open any client it crashes. And once it has crashed it canīt find HW no matter what. Frustrating! This problem appeared from nowhere, I havenīt installed anything in few days!
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