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Default Re: Cannot update billing address

Got a fix for this issue as it is still happening in 2020!

So the problem. I logged into my Avid account to activate a Eucontrol licence however, when submitting a message appeard telling me to update my billing address even though it was correct. When the update window opened, the 'state' field was blank so selected the correct option and submitted but the system came back with the message "Billing country and state cannot be changed because you have active subscription". At this point you are stuck in a loop and unable to activate something that is already paid for. Checking out the forums most people said it took days for support to resolve so excited to play with my new tech I came up with a workaround!

The workaround.

Head to the Avid store while logged into your account and add something to your cart (can be anything, I just added a coffee cup) then hit checkout. When the window opens it will ask you to enter your payment and billing informaiton. Confirm your existing credit card info then in billing address section dont update what is displayed but instead use the drop down selecting add new then enter your billing address information again. When its complete hit next to take you to the shipping screen - don't worry you are not charged for anything at this point and you can close this window heading back to the activation screen (or whereever you had this problem) and again you will be prompted to update your billing address. This time however, you should have a dropdown allowing the option of selecting the new one you just entered! Submit that and your done !

Hope this helps you also!

Last note: I am based in Victoria, Australia and for whatever reason it just would not accept my state so just used a differnt country and address to work around this issue then removed afterwords.
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