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Default Cannot update billing address

Hi, I have read some others have also had similar issues. I am trying to activate the complete plugin bundle licenses that come with our PT ultimate subscriptions. This is what happens:

- I sign in at
- navigate to "products not yet downloaded" section
- what I see there is "Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle - annual (Qty: 2)" and a button "Activate product"
- I click "activate product" and the window opens, where the Code field is already populated with a code.
- From there I click "activate product" and get this message: "Your billing address needs to be validated before you can continue. Please visit this page to update and verify your information."
- I click the link and the update billing address window opens
- All the information is good so I click "Confirm" without changing a thing
- I get a red error under the "State / province" field: "Billing country and state cannot be changed because you have active subscriptions"
- both the country and state fields say "FINLAND" which is correct.
- there is no way to get past this.

I have opened a support case, and so far have not gotten any helpful answers. I am getting frustrated, this shouldn't be too difficult to fix

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