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Default Re: 11 Rack direct monitoring always on

Well... just solved the problem -- at least for my system. When I updated to PT 2018.10.0 I also updated the Eleven Rack Driver to version 1.2.13. I just reinstalled the previous driver version 1.2.12, restarted the Mac, and the Eleven Rack is now working as should/previously in conjunction with a ProTools session. Now as expected, as soon as the session opens the direct monitoring from the Eleven Rack is muted and they only way to monitor the guitar is via stereo or mono audio tracks as per previous. Hope that helps anyone with this issue. I created an Avid Support Case a few hours ago so it will be interesting to see if they pinpoint the same issue or have another workaround. Sure do miss ProTools 10 where the Eleven Rack editor was integrated with ProTools itself. Maybe I am the only one annoyed after going to the standalone editor that I have to click back and forth between the Eleven Rack Editor and ProTools as I am trying to shape/tweak a guitar sound for a track. Cheers (at least for now).
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