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Default Re: Pro Tools Express "Unable to Locate Hardware" on startup

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Pro Tools LE is not Pro Tools Express. What exactly are you trying to use?

There are many great DAWs out there. Reaper. Studio One. and many more.

Pick one based on what people use you collaborate with, and/or people you know who can help you.

Pro Tools First "free" software is so crippled I'd not waste my time on it. You can also rent full Pro Tools (there is no more "LE") with a monthly subscription.
Thanks for the input. I just installed Pro Tools First so I'll tinker around and see how it goes. That said, studio one has a free version that I think I'll check out. Their artist version is only $92 on amazon so that's definitely something within my price range. Still doing some research on Reaper now. Anyways, thanks for the suggestions!
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