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Default Re: Pro Tools Express "Unable to Locate Hardware" on startup

Originally Posted by djl62490 View Post
That's a huge bummer. I saved up for a while to buy the mbox and pro tools LE and I only got a few years out of it. I'm just a hobbyist and certainly can't pay $599 for PT 12. Do you have any suggestions for a more affordable option?

Thanks for saving me the headache of continuing to try to fix this!
Pro Tools LE is not Pro Tools Express. What exactly are you trying to use?

There are many great DAWs out there. Reaper. Studio One. and many more.

Pick one based on what people use you collaborate with, and/or people you know who can help you.

Pro Tools First "free" software is so crippled I'd not waste my time on it. You can also rent full Pro Tools (there is no more "LE") with a monthly subscription.

Especially if money is tight you should have thought about this before upgrading to Windows 10, or if you had to buy a new computer buy one with an older Windows install or Windows downgrade rights.
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