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Default Re: 2018.7 update fixes the DSP spikes (mac)!

Originally Posted by innesireinar View Post
The 2018.7 with the HDX is unusable, maybe worse than the 2014.4
I've just created a session with only 40 stereo audio files (80 voices) (from CDs) with no plugins and with no additional plugins installed since I've just reinstalled Pro Tools from scratch. I'm not able to play the session at 64 samples and at 128 the CPU jump to the middle of the meter.
Whole different story by playing the session with the internal mac audio (Build-in line out) where all seems to work fine with the CPU around 5%. The weird thing is that by closing the edit window the CPU goes down dramatically (with the HDX). Maybe a graphic issue? But why this doesn't happen when using the internal audio mac?
+1 my situation is identical with HDX, fine with built in sound.

Just to note, that I did a support ticket 3 months ago, and Avid recreated the issue on their identical setup.. but no bug fix..
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