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Hi guys. Using M10 for 2 years and 2 months now. I was, maybe the first one to buy it on Latin America, or was among the first one`s.

Recentely, maybe on 3.5 realase was implemented the auto expand mode. It was a key feature that speeds up the repetitive task of eq or compress tons of audios, dynamicaly over time - I`m in post so, each minute of timeline would be made of complete different sets of sounds...

I`m one of the users that have already complain about a missing "apple IOS style" of implemetation and validation rules, where ALL PLUG-INS developers should follow the same rules to build their plug-ins... I understand that AVID can`t acomplish that.

But well, with the time, and because I use a very specific and regular set of plug-ins for those "daily" tasks, I`m not digging around looking for the correct parameter.

But well +100 for being able to instantiate plug-ins and sends from the console.
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