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Hi Mtung,

Thanks for the feedback and constructive dialog. Expanding plug-ins from the Eq or Dyn function (not inserts) should be consistent across plug-ins. The page tables build out the EQ's such that the lower right knob is always high gain, then freq and Q above it. Up to five bands build out from right to left and any filters are in the left most knobs. Dynamics plugs build out from the lower left knob column as ratio, threshold, attack, release.

Also, a lot of S6 customers put their knob modules directly above the fader modules so that the knobs are very easy to get to. The rational being that you adjust the knobs much more often than you hit the function buttons, so it makes sense to position them closer to the mixer. One of the other advantages of the S6 is the oled displays which show you the encoder position, parameter name, and value simultaneously unlike Icon which has coarser led's around the knob for position and a single 6 character display that switches between parameter and value. And the M40 S6 which is in the same price ballpark as D-Control, shows Eq curves or Dynamics gain reduction curves on every channel, and breakpoint automation lanes over waveform which provide a scrolling cue sheet which is very useful visual feedback when mixing material you are not familiar with.
We developed Icon over the years into a very powerful mixing platform and it was a very successful product for both us and our customers. But I think most Icon mixers that have made the transition to S6 would agree that S6 takes mixing to a whole new level in terms of its ergonomics, visual feedback and deep feature set that is specifically designed to help mixers deal with the larger, more complex sessions in both music and post and the compressed timelines mixers are faced with today. I think if you actually did a couple of mixes on an S6, and got a bit more familiar with its capabilities on actual sessions, the light bulbs would go off. Anyway thanks for the feedback.
Rich Nevens
Director WW Strategic Audio Sales
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