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Default Re: Can Pro Tools 8 LE download on newer Macbook pro

Welcome to DUC.

The answer is: Nope. :-(

And Windows 10 is probably not an option either. And trying to downgrade as far back as you would need to go seems a waste of time.

You should work out how to answer these questions yourself, Google for “Pro Tools Systems Requirements” and find the info you need. In some cases we can give extra advice here about what might work if not officially supported.

And Pro Tools 8 LE would still require your legacy interface for licensing but you may not be able to get that interface to work even if Pro Tools does, All of which means getting onto a modern OS is the way to go.

Pro Tools 8 is not worth anything as an upgrade, you can buy Pro Tools or rent it by the month. Probably the best place to understand those options is
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