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Default NI Audio Kontrol One leaves Pro Tools audio streaming numb!


i had to use a NI Audio Kontrol One in a session at a friends with my MacBook today, after i finished the session i decided to run Pro Tools with a Ozone again just to import and edit, turns out that i see signal into and out of the Ozone when runinng a Pro Tools session, but i can not hear it.

I thought it was me and maybe the cables where not connected, but it is Pro Tools, i see the Ozone in the m-audio prefs pane and it shows up, Ozone is selected in the audio prefs as well., i am left guessing that these drivers for the ozone did it again.

Can anyone verify if these drivers where written to NOT work along side with any other hardware besides Digi aproved ones sold out there like the M-Audio etc?, not saying that this product should work with Pro tools, just work at all on the same machine, seems not so here at the very moment.

All in All the Ozone works in Logic Pro and Live with no problems., its just Pro Tools!
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