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Default Re: MTRX connection issue

UPDATE! the previous post about the MTRX Problems:

What we found out is, when you roll back to an earlier Version of MTRX Firmware (V then the HDIO and HDMADI Selection is back under the Pro Tools Menu. This Pro Tools Menu Changes Name in the New Version of the DADman Software 5.3.4 and is now called DIGILINK and with that in the new Firmware release V the HDIO possibility is gone and you can only choose 32x32 MTRX. It seems AVID or DAD made some changes for the new version to be able to install up to 6 DigiLink cards in the MTRX and therefore made changes in the DADman Software/Firmware. So we hope AVID will correct the newest Firmware Driver for the MTRX so it will also give you the option for 2xHDIO and HD MADI in addition to the MTRX 16x16 and MTRX 32x32 as it always used to be in the past. In the meantime a workaround is to fall back to the earlier Firmware Version and stay away from the latest Firmware Version if you want to use the MTRX with older Pro Tools Systems or connect other AVID Audio Interfaces to it. If you don't need this Options you can also install the latest Firmware Version

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