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Default Re: MTRX connection issue

These settings worked as long as I stay at 48K. If I open a session at 44.1 everything breaks. If I have digilink selected and protools isnt open, (for example Im just using maschine stand alone as a dante source) The SR defaults to 192k and dante wont sync. Seen here I can then change the setting from digilink to internal and get my system audio back online. Not a major issue as I work in 48K mainly. Still would like to understand why this is happening. The only use for Dante is mac system audio, and Im running 1 AM2 as a headphone amplifier on my cue send. Currently everything is connected directly to the trash can.

If the sample rate moves from 48K to other setting, its quite a pain to get the AM2 back online. Dante Controller sync tab

I haven't really battle tested the system at 48k but just hitting record on a mono track and letting it run for about 3 minutes produced an sync error and aborted recording so even with your suggested settings it seemed quite unstable. I saw another user at gearslutz say he had some weird issues that were hard to chase and ended up replacing the dante card which solved them.

In your opinion What is the most stable way to run a MTRX with s6? Is a external clock the best case? I assumed with just one I/O device clocking internally would be fine for stability. Again thanks for your help on this.
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