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Default Re: MTRX connection issue

This one doesn't have a Dante module (it is a small standalone setup.)

You should set the Dante module to follow and as preferred master on the Sync tab if the MTRX is to be the master clock (meanwhile the MTRX top area of the sync tab should be set to internal and the "adapt to" to Digilink 1 to follow pro tools)

From the Dante Controller software, it should be set to Preferred Master AND enable sync to external (which means sync to the external host device -- in this case the MTRX.) You should have only one device on the Dante network to be set to both or "sync to externa" (unless the sync to external devices both get their external clock from the same source.) Preferred Master overrides "sync to external" dante devices unless they are one and the same (if not, the external sync device becomes muted since the preferred master clock overrides it)
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