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Default Re: Blackmagic Desktop Video Software v10.1.1 Update

Originally Posted by Marcel Risberg View Post
I think it would make sense to rename the title of this thread to "Blackmagic Desktop Video Software"

The 10.5.x generation wasn't very popular. Didn't work with my system at all. I tried every 10.5.x version and everyone of them were drifting 100+ milliseconds.
Agreed about the thread rename.

10.5 would BSOD on Windows with Pro Tools. BM support were simply 'we don't support it', not even interested in the memory dump. So I went AJA and it feels so much better and has been rock solid stable.

I'd like to hope that 10.6.2 is better (at least fixed the BSOD) but quite frankly cannot be bothered to swap cards out, install software etc, since the AJA stuff works so well.
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