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Default Re: 2019.12 Discussion

Originally Posted by PasteEater View Post
Just installed 2019.12 on a brand new (cheesegrater) Mac Pro. PT seems fine for strictly audio workflows, but it's nearly useless for me, as I do post-production and need the video abilities to work. Anyone heard any rumors of when PT will be fully compatible with Catalina? I obviously can't downgrade the new machine to Mojave, so I'm stuck doing all of my production work on my old Mac Pro trashcan. It's like getting a new Ferrari, driving it around the block and parking it in the garage to sit.
I know this doesn't answer your question, but I saw a note from Pro-Tools Expert regarding using "Video Slave 4" to address this issue.

I followed their link and noticed the vendor offers two versions. It looks like there are demo versions for both Video Slave 4 and Video Slave Pro. You can subscribe or buy a perpetual license.

Might be an option for you or somebody else. Disclaimer: I have no relationship to Pro Tools Expert or the software vendor. I have not uses/tested. Simply trying to be helpful.
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