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Originally Posted by jasonkalman View Post
Just my opinion, but if you are in the middle of a project and you don't have the time to mess with workarounds or plugin issues, I would stay put on Mojave PT 2019.10. No sense in doing QA work for Avid when you have work to do. I have no idea which plugs are 32 and which are 64 and quite frankly I don't care. I figure all of this will be sorted out by the middle of next year (3rd party companies should all be compatible by then) and Avid should have a more stable version for Catalina. Right now there are too many known issues. I read the release notes and it was mostly a laundry list of known issues. That doesn't give me any confidence to update at the moment. I would say, if you are running fine on Mojave, update at your own risk, good news is you can always revert back to Mojave and PT 2019.10 so in that sense, it really isn't a huge issue, just time potentially wasted.
In my opinion the way to go is to have two separate partitions. One for working and the other for testing new stuff
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