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Default Re: Waves V12 say goodbye to Mac Pro 2012 and earlier.

Originally Posted by noah330 View Post
I still love a lot of Waves plugins. There are probably things newer or maybe better but I've been using them for so long I just really know a lot of them well.

I upgraded my 2012 Mini Server to the new Mac Mini last year and I love the new machine even more than the old one.

One odd thing is even though I upgraded to V12 some of my plugs are still V11 (the 1 band EQ comes to mind) so maybe all of the plugs haven't been updated yet.

The one frustration I have with Waves is I have Mercury with Studio Classics and Abbey Road bundle. When I did my WUP it was expensive but the voucher they gave me to offset the cost basically was useless.

At the end of the day I don't think their pricing is so bad because last year I paid for a year subscription with Avid and didn't get any updates but had I not paid it would have cost me 1k to come back. At least with Waves you can lapse and come back when you would like to.
Are the plugins that didn't convert all up on WUP?
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