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Default Re: Waves V12 say goodbye to Mac Pro 2012 and earlier.

I still love a lot of Waves plugins. There are probably things newer or maybe better but I've been using them for so long I just really know a lot of them well.

I upgraded my 2012 Mini Server to the new Mac Mini last year and I love the new machine even more than the old one.

One odd thing is even though I upgraded to V12 some of my plugs are still V11 (the 1 band EQ comes to mind) so maybe all of the plugs haven't been updated yet.

The one frustration I have with Waves is I have Mercury with Studio Classics and Abbey Road bundle. When I did my WUP it was expensive but the voucher they gave me to offset the cost basically was useless.

At the end of the day I don't think their pricing is so bad because last year I paid for a year subscription with Avid and didn't get any updates but had I not paid it would have cost me 1k to come back. At least with Waves you can lapse and come back when you would like to.
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