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Default Re: To HEAT or not to HEAT?

Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
I mainly use vmr SSL and vtm multitrack. And on 2 buss the vmr 2 bus into VBC into vtm 1/2 inch. For other stuff I use all different plugins. I prefer clean and precise eqs like Sony oxford.

I'm probably just going to buy vmr, vbc, vtm. And get off the subscription. I don't need all the different slate plugs. I have tons of real hardware as inserts as well.

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Thanks again, very appreciated.
I agree as I mostly use similar combinations from Waves, I really find Kramer Tape to be a useful tool. About clean EQs, I use them more and more as my love for pristine, detailed audio grows... with age I suspect.

I can't see your signature from the phone, I'd love to hear some of your work.
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