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Default AAE error -9173 stronger than ever on PT 12.5

Originally Posted by The Drummer View Post
Monday Morning - Fire up PT12.7 HDX - load relatively small session - no native plugs - 2 VIs

Press play - immediate -9173.
Go to System Usage.
Total CPU is fluctuating from between 25% and 100% every second. Continues for 5 mins untill I abandon ship.
I have uploaded 2 screenshots.
I have seen this many times in the past 9 months.

Curious what buffer setting are you using? Mac? What is your CPU in Ghz?

On my PC I get the same behavior if I run the lowest buffer settings at the given sample rate.

Depending on what is causing the spikes, changing the affinity of my CPU can help, but if the plugin is just CPU intensive it's game over.

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