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Default Woke up this mornin\' got myself a DIGI002 problem!


Last night I spent a fun and productive evening arranging and recording a song for an artist in my home studio - which is built around a Mac G4 867 single processor, DIGI002 (with faders), OSX 10.3.8, 2 internal drives 1 Gig RAM etc... At the end of it all everything was fine and we listened back to check all the guitars and vocals sat nicely atop a 606 beat!

This morning before I left for work I sat down to listen to everything again and my DIGI002 is being mental. When I open a pro-tools session everything happens fine (PT opens, faders jump up, on screen dialogue box...) until the last dialogue box drops then the DIGI002 seems to reset itself and lose contact with PT. The old spinning beach ball of death comes along and after 3-4 mins PT rights itself but never regains connection with the DIGI002.

I have tried opening other sessions, restarts, restarts after trashing my PT prefs and using the DIGI002 to playback itunes (which works fine as normal). Is there something else I can try?

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