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Default EXPORT MIDI from Stryke NOTE FOR NOTE...

Here's how to do it... Plain and Easy.

1. Get STRYKE on screen
2. Play a pattern from start to where you want to stop.
3. Select EXPORT MIDI and drag it onto the EDIT window where there are NO TRACKS set. Usually at the bottom of the edit window.
4. A window will open up asking if you want to make a new track. Select NEW TRACK, and answer any of the options to your liking from this same window.
5. It will create 2,3,4,5,etc... NEW TRACKS that have individual STRYKE tracks labelled with their corresponding MIDI CHANNEL labeled as well, in the track name. <TOO COOL!
6. Select the corresponding STRYKE midi channel that matches the track name label. <TOO EASY!
7. Press play and watch the INDIVIDUAL NOTES play the corresponding STRYKE instrument. <EVEN COOLER!
8. Edit these notes as you wish in the midi domain.
9. Go back to STRYKE AND play the next pattern from start to where you want to stop.
10. Continue from Step 3.

BONUS NOTES: if you drag the next patterns onto NEW TRACKS you can always cut and paste the midi information from these new tracks to the existing tracks you set up the first time you started EXPORT MIDI from STRYKE. This will keep the edit window neat and clutterfree. <YOU'LL LOVE THIS WHEN YOUR PATTERN PROGRAMMING GETS INTENSE.


STRYKE IS the best drum machine out there!!!!

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