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Default Re: DICE chipset+PT10="ASIO device properties have been changed by the device"

Yea the Midas is the playback engine. Ive found a workaround by setting the windows playback and recording preferences to 24/48 and since I have no reason to record at anything other than 24/48 so the only time I have to deal with restarting is if I need to work with an old 44.1 session which is gonna be rare. Changing buffer sizes is more common and that's still gonna make me have to restart. Less of a hastle now though.

I understand what you went through. I had to reformat and install win 7 fresh and install only software needed for DAW work before my rig was stable. Even then I waited and monitored protools for a while before I would install the next piece of software.

Honestly Pro Tools has been this way since the digi 001 days for me. Once I had a sound blaster card repeatedly cause total system crashes by just being in the machine. Even when dissabled with no drivers installed. A smarter man than me would done what you did and just buy a ^!$@*% Mac.
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