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Default Bomb Factory Plug-Ins Version 4.1.1 Updates

Bomb Factory Plug-Ins Version 4.1.1 Updates

If you are using any of the Bomb Factory version 4.1 plug-ins, on EITHER Mac OS X or Windows XP, please read the following and update to v4.1.1...

Both the Mac OS X and Windows XP version 4.1 of all Bomb Factory plug-ins were inadvertently set to expire July 17, 2004. Version 4.1.1 has no expiration date. That is the only change from v4.1. Version 4.1.1 includes the previous fixes from v4.1.

Please download the latest v4.1.1 updates for any Bomb Factory v4.1 plug-ins that you may have.

Note: we previously posted that the Windows XP 4.1 paid plug-ins were not effected by the expiration date, but that turned out to be incorrect. As of July 21, 2004, there are now v4.1.1 downloads for all of the Windows XP bomb Factory plug-ins as well as the Mac OS X 4.1.1 downloads

Go to the Developers section of the website, then Plug-In Info:

That gives you list of all plug-ins, sorted by name. Go to the ones that you want, then do the following:
  1. Click on the individual links for each plug-in product page
  2. Click on the Download link at the top of the product page
You can also get the Bomb Factory plug-ins from the Plug-In Finder in the Products section, sort by Manufacturer: Digidesign/Bomb Factory.

The Free Bomb Factory Plug-Ins version 4.1.1 installer for all Pro Tools 6 users is available for download here.

In order to access downloads, you may need to create a new account the first time if you have not created one before for the areas of the Digi websites that share a single database, but separate from the Digi User Conference. Details here in the Website Help FAQ #1:

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for any of our users.
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